Vietnam is a country with a tropical monsoon climate, high average annual humidity. That has greatly affected the production activities and product preservation of enterprises.

Products, goods, machines and equipment not stored in dry conditions will be prone to mold, rust ... leading to damage or quality loss, causing many damages. Therefore, to avoid those consequences, the use of dehumidifiers is essential.

Most businesses operating in the fields in Vietnam should and need to use industrial dehumidifiers. The fields and industries indispensable include:

- Garment, textile, fabric, cotton, yarn and raw materials, accessories industry.

- Manufacturing packaging, packaging, carton.

- Producing and preserving electrical and electronic equipment and components, production plants of Samsung, Sony ...

- Manufacturing medicine, pharmaceutical products, functional foods, products package, soft capsules ...

- In the field of aquatic product processing

- In animal husbandry, bran production, animal feed, poultry ...

There are also many applications in offices, banks, money preservation, storage of papers and documents, radiology rooms, laboratories ... and all fields need to be absolutely isolated from moisture.


Currently, the market of industrial dehumidifiers is very distinct and diverse. So if you want to buy the suitable machine, you should base on the following factors:

- Buy goods according to the demand. This is an important criterion to get good price industrial dehumidifier. For example, for garments where only 50% -60% moisture is required, 40% is not necessary. Because different humidity requirements will result in a requirement for the number and capacity of industrial dehumidifiers, thereby leading to a cost difference.

- In addition, you need to consider more criteria on the ability to advise and after-sales service of the machine supplier. That will determine the quality of the machine to be installed and the length of time the machine will be used.

If you are looking to buy a dehumidifier or install an industrial dehumidifier system of the company, you can contact ENCO GROUP for advice to help you choose the best one, avoid the case of choosing the wrong one. or poor quality.