Vietnam has a hot and humid climate, the air humidity is very high, the average over 80%, in the rainy season, humid can be up to 90% - 100%.

High humidity has many harmful effects: causing mold damage to machinery, equipment, destroying materials, goods stored in warehouses, especially products from wood, rattan, agricultural and dried seafood, electronic devices, disc, archives ...

High humidity is also a condition for bacteria to grow, adversely affecting human health, especially in offices and factories where human resources are concentrated.

Therefore, the use of industrial dehumidifiers is a necessary solution to maintain beneficial moisture, destroy, prevent mold and bacteria, create a dry, clean environment in offices, warehouses, shop.

So what is industrial dehumidifier? What are its uses? Join us to learn through the article below.

1. What is industrial dehumidifier?



Industrial dehumidifier is a device that treats air humidity, in order to maintain the humidity in the required area in accordance with the set humidity, regardless of the humidity and outdoor temperature.

Industrial dehumidifier adopts cold condensing desiccant technology or dehumidifying rotor, with a large dehumidifying capacity, from 50 to 500 liters / day or more, depending on demand.

Industrial dehumidifiers often use 3-phase current, automatic control, high durability, can operate stably, continuously, in harsh conditions, with low use costs.

Industrial dehumidifier is an indispensable device for controlling humidity, destroying mold moisture, bacteria, protecting safety for workshop space, storage area, export processing zone, laboratory, ammunition depot ... and protecting human health.

2. Nguyên lý hoạt động của máy hút ẩm công nghiệp

According to the operating principle, industrial dehumidifiers on the market today include two types:

+ Condenser dehumidifier: Use a compressor to lower the indoor temperature to condense moisture in the air.

The advantages of this machine are reasonable price, high durability, easy to install, operate, low cost of use, fast humidity control.

However, this type has the limitation that it is difficult to control the low humidity (less than 35%) and the working temperature in a certain range, about 5 degrees C to 42 degrees C. When operating with errors.

+ Industrial dehumidifier using dehumidifying rotor: The machine uses a honeycomb rotor wheel desiccant containing moisture absorption particles, desiccant rotor will adsorb moisture in the air and then will switch to the drying cycle to discharge moisture.

The advantage of this type is very accurate humidity control, wide humidity control range, from 5% -80%, works well in all temperature conditions. Its disadvantages are higher investment costs, more complicated installation and use, and higher usage costs.


3. Máy hút ẩm công nghiệp – vũ khí lợi hại diệt nấm mốc vi khuẩn

Practical observations and research results of experts have shown that air humidity above 60% is a favorable condition for mold and bacteria to grow. In the corners of the walls, there are moldy rugs, they damage furniture, electronic devices, important papers and documents, making it difficult to control the quality of manufacturing and processing industries....

With effective dehumidification, dehumidifiers will control and maintain air humidity at an optimal level, leaving bacteria and molds unable to grow and be destroyed.

Industrial dehumidifier will control humidity precisely according to production and storage standards of each field.

Industrial dehumidifiers help ensure the quality of raw materials and products of businesses.

Industrial dehumidifier will protect machinery and equipment against corrosion, rust and damage.

Industrial dehumidifier helps protect workers' health, increase productivity, reduce costs.

Using a comprehensive moisture treatment solution with industrial dehumidifiers will bring tremendous efficiency to individuals and businesses.

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