Choosing industrial dehumidifiers for warehouses and workshops are the needs of many businesses. Dehumidifier large capacity will help maintain a stable humidity in the warehouse and factory, protect products, goods, electronic components, equipment, machinery ... being safe.


So, how is the experience of choosing an appropriate industrial dehumidifier?

To choose the suitable industrial dehumidifier, the first thing you need to answer the following questions:

  1. Do you use industrial dehumidifier to preserve or use for production room or for product drying room?
  2. You need to determine the room size (length - width - height) with particular attention to the height
  3. What is the product you need to moisture separator?
  4. How much moisture do you expect after using the dehumidifier?
  5. How much is the room temperature? Does it have air-conditioned?
  6. How many people work in the room?
  7. How many main doors are in the warehouse?
  8. What is the size of each door?
  9. Is there need to bring outdoor air into the room? If yes, how much is the traffic?
  10. In which province and region is the warehouse located?


Those are important questions to help you choose the most suitable industrial dehumidifier. From these questions, experts will calculate the amount of industrial dehumidifier to use, avoid wastage or shortage, not achieve the desired moisture.





Here are some experience choosing to buy industrial dehumidifiers.


- First: Choose a reputable supplier by looking for certifications or uptime to know their development process. The certificate of Excellent Agent or existence time reflect the reality of the supplier or distributor of dehumidifiers is trustworthy or not? Choosing a reputable supplier will ensure all problems that arise later in your company are always handled professionally and at the least cost.


- Second: You need to calculate the desiccant needs, the area to desiccant, how much moisture is safe, how much error or difference can be? Does the factory have a lot of people going back and forth continuously? Door system and fan layout like? Desiccant area of the factory space is wide or narrow space to choose the model and capacity of the factory dehumidifier suitable.


Third: You need to consider carefully the dehumidification capacity, refrigeration compressor quality and indoor unit in dehumidifiers to ensure desiccant effectively. Choose a machine with an easy-to-operate control panel, quick humidity setting and automatic flushing of water in the holder to save time and ensure the most safety for the machine. Also choose a reputable brand, ensure genuine inside components, the right capacity as on the machine label to ensure safety when used.


Should we use Harrison industrial dehumidifier?


When buying industrial dehumidifiers for warehouses and workshops, you should choose Harison brand for the following reasons:


+ Harison industrial dehumidifier is a line of was research and development by the Naav Solution Inc Group of Canada, famous worldwide for its high dehumidifying performance, smooth running, durable, less damage and control industrial moisture control very well with the most cost effective.

+ Harison industrial dehumidifier production line is specially designed to serve the Asian market, especially to ensure the best performance in a humid tropical environment like Vietnam with full certificates Origin, VAT invoice, CO, CQ ....

+ From 2008-2017, Harison dehumidifier holds 65% market share in Vietnam. For industrial dehumidifiers hold 80% of the domestic market share.

+ Harison dehumidifier is very competitive price compared to products of the same quality rank.


ENCO GROUP - with 20 years of experience in the field of moisture treatment. We are proud to be the distributor of Harison dehumidifiers with a network of agents throughout Vietnam.

Please contact ENCO GROUP immediately for advice on installing a dehumidifier that best suits your business.