Harison industrial Dehumidifier HD-192B
Price: 44091600

Dehumidification cabinet stand, luxury design, use for high capacity room.

Typical applications

Harison HD-504B dehumidifiers are used for storages, manufactured rooms, lab, drying rooms ... with humidity requirements over 40% and high aesthetic.


÷ Dehumidification principle: Cold condensation by refrigeration compressor

÷ Automatic operation

÷ Inductive button (automatic humidifier board)

÷ Continuous drainage through the duct

÷ Air filter - Nylon (Washable)

÷ Suitable for installation in room


÷ Dehumidification capacity: 192 liters/24 hours (Working condition at 30oC, 70%)

÷ Airflow rate: 2500 m3/hour

÷ Nominal rated power: 4,12 kW

÷ Rated current: 7,6 A

÷ Noise level: 59 dB

÷ Power source: 380V/50Hz/3 phases

÷ Dimension: 777 (W) x 480 (D) x 1632 (H), mm

÷ Weight: 150 kg

Video instruction:

Instruct: start on & installation on control panel (apply for all Harison model HD-100BM, HD-150B, HD-192B, HD-504B). With HD-192B must use 380V/3 phases.

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