Harison industrial Dehumidifier HD-168DR
Price: 39150000

Dehumidification cabinet stand, It gets air duct and UV-C light to control humidity and clear all mildew, bacteria in storages.

Typical applications

÷ Harison HD-192PS dehumidifiers are used for storages, drying rooms ... with humidity 40%-60%

÷ High dehumidification capacity

÷ Keep products in storage are not damaged

÷ Indoor temperature 5 – 55oC

÷ Warranty Center in HCM and Hanoi


÷ Dehumidification capacity: 7kg/hour (Working condition at 30oC, 70%)

÷ Nominal rated power: 6 kW

÷ Resistive power: 2,88 kW

÷ Total power: 8,88 kW

÷ Power source: 380V/50Hz/3 phases

÷ Airflow rate: 5600 CMH

÷ Weight: 175 kg

÷ Gas: R22/1550G

÷ Compressor: DAIKIN

÷ Rated current: 15 A

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