Air humidity is a factor that greatly affects human health, durability of product, living of plants and animals ..., if the air humidity is not well controlled, it may be the cause of a lot of unpredictable harm. The following article will help you learn more about air humidity - things you may not know.

Air humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air, it is determined by the number of grams of water in a specific volume unit. As we all know, 70% of the earth is covered by water, above which is a constantly moving atmosphere that creates air currents that we call the wind.

Due to the temperature of the environment, evaporated water becomes steam. Some fly into the atmosphere creating moisture in the air, some returning to their original form (condensation). This process is always ongoing.

There are 3 concepts of air humidity that we often hear are: absolute humidity, saturated humidity and relative humidity.

Absolute humidity: The amount of water vapor present in a certain volume of gas, the unit is (g / m³). Absolute humidity is the ratio of the mass of water vapor (grams) to the volume of an air mixture (m³) containing it.

Saturated humidity: Saturated humidity, also known as climax moisture, is the amount of steam saturated in air at a given time, volume and temperature, in grams / m3.

Relative humidity: Relative humidity is the ratio of the current steam pressure of any gas mixture to water vapor to the saturated steam pressure, in units of%. Or can be interpreted as the ratio of the volume of water to a current volume to the volume of water on the same volume when conditions are steam saturated.


High air humidity (humid weather).

Humid weather is often encountered in the North of Vietnam when humidity in the air is always high above 80%, sometimes up to over 90%, even 100%. This type of weather usually takes place in the late winter in the North or in the rainy season in the South. This is a periodic weather that repeats over and over the years. The monsoon weather causes a lot of troubles for human health as well as production and life.

It is easy to see, the expression of moisture in the air is high when the floor is smooth, stagnant water, mossy walls, clothes with an unpleasant odor. During this time, wooden objects, leather products, fabric, electronics ... are most easily damaged.

In production, especially in food production, when the air humidity is too high, it will reduce the quality of products, even causing spoilage, rancidity, mold, which greatly affect the economy.

For human health, high humidity in the house causes feelings of fatigue, discomfort, the body cannot escape water vapor through the skin naturally, suffocating, muggy. For children, the elderly or those suffering from respiratory diseases, this can greatly affect the immune system, causing many dangerous diseases.

High humidity is also an ideal condition for the growth and proliferation of bacteria, molds, etc., which are favorable conditions leading to an increased risk of respiratory infections (acute rhinitis, acute bronchitis, pneumonia), gastrointestinal infections, some skin diseases and an increase in allergies.

The thriving of mold bacteria will greatly affect the garment and processing industries ...


Solutions to overcome?


High humidity has an extremely large harm on production and human life, so maintaining moisture at an appropriate level is essential.

The food processing and commodity manufacturing industries also require humidity to always be the most ideal for specific products of each industry. For these industries, to protect products in the best condition, the control of humidity is always on top.

For industrial scale, which means controlling humidity on a large scale, large space, the use of many dehumidifiers at the same time or using large capacity industrial dehumidifiers is the recommended measure and encouraged by technical experts.

Just by learning a little about humidity and paying attention in daily activities, we can know how important humidity plays an important role. While humidity is only a factor of air, it not only affects the durability of things, endurance of animals and plants, but also greatly affects the health and business of production. Therefore, ensuring and maintaining appropriate humidity levels is more necessary than ever.


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